photo album

Individually handcrafted. Exclusive in quality.

Imagine the days following your wedding, the cake has been eaten, the makeup has been washed away, your dress has been put in storage or sold, the beautiful bouquet has withered and the amazing venue decorations have been pulled down. So how will you recover those memories? Though you will receive high resolution photos of your wedding to print or look at on your computer or TV, a custom designed wedding album offers a more personal memento with a tactile intimacy unmatched by an electronic display. No one can design your wedding album better than the one who captured the emotions of your special day. As your wedding photographer, I photograph every detail and all significant moments to make sure nothing will be missed.

I will carefully select not only the photos where you look the best, but also those which complete the story. I design each layout with love and care. All pages will be printed to the highest quality with a fresh, clean and elegant style. When you return from your honeymoon, your album will be able to rekindle the essence and magic of your special day.

80 pages large square 12x12 inch Premium size
Finest material and custom cover silver stamping Luxurious finish
Beautiful layout and seamless visual experience Exquisite flat spread

Because fond memories deserve the best.