Frequently Asked Questions

I am here to help you throughout the booking process. I hope the Frequently Asked Questions below will help with most queries. If you can't find the answer to your question, feel free to contact me.


How would you describe your photography style?
My photographic style is natural and timeless with an artistic flair. But intimacy is the heart and soul of my work, and I aim to create images that express your emotions.
Do you take formal family photos?
Even though I focus on natural and candid moment, I also conduct formal family photos after ceremony.
What are your prices and packages?
Please contact me through my website for current pricing and packages.
Will you photograph our destination wedding?
I would be delighted to photograph your destination wedding, wherever you choose to hold it!
Do you give discounts to local residents?
I believe in Equality. The same fee is applied to everyone.
Do you shoot in hotel ballrooms?
I have not yet shot in hotel ballrooms. I can recommend excellent photographers who do shoot ballroom weddings.
Do you also shoot video?
I don’t shoot video. I have colleagues who shoot video and I prefer to work with a select few who are considerate and cooperate with the still photography team.
How many weddings do you accept per day and which photographer will be shooting my wedding?
I am shooting every wedding so we can only shoot one event per day. I use one or two additional photographers for most weddings so we can cover everything to tell the complete story.
Do you shoot JPEG or raw files?
At darinimages we only shoot raw files so we can extract the maximum amount of information from each image.
How do you back up my images and how long do you keep all image files?
Images are loaded onto my computer. In addition, two extra copies are made onto external hard drives. These are stored in a fireproof safe. Derivative files, ie the processed images we send you as high resolution JPEG files are stored indefinitely. Raw files are deleted after about two months.
Will you personally edit our photos?
I personally edit all the photos. Finding someone to help with this very time-consuming work is, I think, impossible.
Do you meet us, the couple, before our big day?
Meeting you before the shoot is essential to get a feel for your personalities, the chemistry between you and to explain what to expect on the day!
Do you offer a mini pre-wedding session before our wedding?
I do offer a mini pre-wedding before your big day. This session helps you to get to know me and be more relax in front of the camera. But several couples prefer to make the post-wedding a dedicated shoot, free from the concerns of the wedding day as well.
We will have a tea ceremony, are you familiar with this event?
Some couples like to have a Chinese tea ceremony in the morning. Being partly Chinese myself I understand the intricacies of this and know how best to shoot it.
My partner is camera shy and doesn't like being in photos, can you help?
Luckily, one of my gifts is the ability to put people at ease and motivate them to be in the zone for the day.
Do you offer a wedding album?
I offer wedding album; you can see the sample on my website. Contact me for current pricing.
How far in advance should we reserve you for our wedding date?
I get booked well in advance. I would suggest booking my services several months in advance if you can, especially if you are getting married on a “lucky” or propitious day.
We would like you as our photographer; how do I book your service?
Please send me a message through the Contact page on my website.

Engagement SESSION

What is an engagement session?
The engagement or pre-wedding session is a special kind of portrait shoot. The emotional chemistry between you is what I am looking for during the session. The pictures will sparkle with your personalities, your love, your intimacy, your sense of humour.. Putting you at ease and bringing out the best in you makes for a fun and informal few hours.

My engagement or pre-wedding sessions are shot mostly on deserted tropical beaches and beautiful locations nearby Phuket. However, pre-wedding shoots have taken me all over the world, to Italy, Greece, the UK, USA and Bali.
When should we do an engagement session?
Whenever you feel ready. If you would like to display their engagement photos on the wedding day, please contact me 3-6 months before your wedding. Many couples like to display pictures from the prewedding shoot in the reception area of their wedding. So leave plenty of time between the engagement shoot and the wedding.
How do we pick a location for an engagement shoot?
I will suggest appropriate venues after talking to you in depth about what you desire.
How do I prepare myself, outfits and props?
I will have a makeup artist available if required and talk to you about what tones and styles of clothing work best in engagement photos. The clothing should never distract from the important elements; you!
How long does the session take and how many images will I receive?
Usually a pre-wedding shoot lasts a few hours. Contact me for different packages and the number of pictures delivered.
Do you touch up all the images?
I process every image in Lightroom and further in Photoshop with my signature colour and tone.
We are a little self-conscious and don't know how to pose. Can you help?
One of my gifts is the ability to put people at ease and motivate them to get involved with the shoot.
How far in advance should we reserve you for our engagement session?
Several months in advance is safest; however if you can be flexible with dates we can accommodate much shorter notice.
What if it looks like we are going to have a bad weather?
I always try to leave a day either side of a pre-wedding free of bookings. So if the weather makes it impossible to shoot, we have some wriggle-room. If you can keep those days free of commitments too, that can help a lot. Remarkably few shoots are cancelled because of the weather.
How do I book you?
Please use the contact form on my website. Thank you!