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Narisa & Karolis

I had no idea what was going on with the groom + groomsmen photoshoot or whose idea (yours or your team’s?) it was to photograph the men in their underwear. It made me laugh out loud so much and somehow really suited Karolis and his entourage!

We are incredibly happy we chose you to be a part of our wedding day. Spending time with you the day before was the most relaxing part of the day, surrounded by the chaos of setting up the venue, going through the schedule and arranging transport for guests.

Your professionalism, talent, energy and all the prep work we did together gave us so much confidence. Everything from arranging to meet beforehand up until making sure we had a good pose after the flower petal throw really paid off. There were great shots of guests being wowed by the spin. We cannot wait to share these beautiful photos with our friends and family who were also impressed with the way you work esp. Julie.
Please let us know when you’re in London again ka, let’s meet for coffee/dinner.

Lots of love.

Jeeb & Karolis,
United Kingdom

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