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Narisa & Karolis

Hi Darin,

We received the memory stick this past weekend and got so excited! We are probably going to say what you already know :)

Your photos are stunning and showed a great story while capturing the atmosphere and emotions exactly how we remembered them. Looking through these bring back wonderful memories. There was so much love and joy in the air plus certain moments of nervousness and countless snapshots of outright humour! I could tell form the photos when I was feeling a bit tense inside or overcome with pure happiness.

I cannot even begin to choose a favourite as there are all amazing! Apart from the couple and ceremony photos, one that struck me was when I saw Syne (one of the bridesmaids) for the first time on the day and she gave me a hug and it exudes how happy she was for me as she was the one who introduced me and Karolis.

You also captured a lot of guests’ personalities as well which was intriguing as we didn’t witness a lot of what the guests were up to on the day, so it was great to see what was going on when we weren’t around.
(to be continued)

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