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Anne & Michael

We hired Darin to do our pre-wedding shoot in late 2009 through a recommendation of our friend who had her wedding photos done by Darin, and it was the best decision we made for the entire wedding, besides the marriage itself!

Once Darin was here, we were out shooting day and night around various locations. Darin provides the complete package, from makeup to recommending outfits, as well as thorough research of shooting locations and pre-planning so we were able to get all the best shots in the least amount of time. Darin is very open, honest and friendly to work with, she has the ability to make you relax and open up which always results in the most natural looking photos. She makes suggestions instead of giving orders and it makes the all the difference as if she wasn’t there at all.

It was a wonderful experience, and the end product speaks for itself. For everyone who has seen our pre-wedding photos all complimented on how good and natural the photos were, while looking professional. We were not able to book her for our actual wedding shoot as she was already engaged to another project, however she has already promised to do a photoshoot for our daughter’s first birthday party!

Anne & Michael,
Melbourne, Australia