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Ann & Brett

From our chats she knew we would need an additional photographer to cover everything we wanted and put a team together. I couldn’t be more happier. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! There were so many INCREDIBLE shots. STUNNING shots. And DETAILS!!! She able to capture all of these. Even if she missed out on some she wanted to try her best to capture them post wedding. People were so impressed with her. She really knows how to capture the essence of a person. So many people have said “This is so you” in a picture (about us and our guests). I think that is what everyone should want from their wedding photos! She knew what she wanted, what poses she wanted us to do and how to direct us unprofessional models. I don’t know where all this energy comes from, she’s so tiny! Darin does all the work herself. LOVE LOVE LOVE !!! She runs a small and successful boutique company that takes care of her clients and prides herself in everything she does. She really makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera, you’ll have a lot of fun and wish she could keep shooting you all day! She pre plans each shoot and gets right to it. She’s meticulous. Love it! She remains focused even if there are a million chaotic things going on. She is a determined lady! Thank you soooooo much Darin. It was an absolute pleasure and ball to work with you. We can’t wait to work with you again. We will cherish these pictures forever and continue to admire your work! We love you!

Ann & Brett,

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