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Wedding package

Photographing your wedding is my greatest honor. I value your most special day as my own and will always be on hand to capture all those special moments as they happen, from the preparation of the bride and groom, the celebration of the ceremony and finally to the last dance in the evening.

Before your wedding, I always have a meeting with you to get to know you both and for you to connect with me. We will also discuss the plan and schedule. I also visit the venue in advance to maximize the photo opportunities on the day. This preparation is invaluable as it allows you to enjoy the occasion without concerning yourself with the logistics.

While each wedding is different in scale and style, I tailor them with a perfect blend of traditional, creative and candid styles. Any special requirement for formal group shots or any particular photos are most welcome.

Engagement package
Engagement and other portrait sessions

Engagements are one of my favorite shoots. This session not only allows you and I to get to know each other better but also you and your partner to be comfortable in front of the camera before the big day. I will work to reveal your smiles and laughter and your deepest feelings. You only have to be yourself, relax and have fun.

Portrait sessions may include not only yourself but friends, family, pets and your boudoir. But not all together please!

As with a wedding shoot, these sessions we will have a meeting in advance to discuss the location, schedule and aesthetic considerations including makeup and wardrobe.

Underwater packageUnderwater portraits

This session offers you a unique way to express yourself in a completely different environment. Whether it is for your wedding, engagement, pregnancy or child’s portrait, everyone who has an ability to swim and hold their breath briefly can enjoy this session. I prefer to shoot in a pool but on a perfect day, the ocean is a magical backdrop.

If you prefer, I can photograph you in the familiar environment of your own pool. Otherwise I will choose a pool that suits your special requirements.

Underwater portraits of children are becoming more and more popular. Kids love water and they always get so excited to be photographed in and under the water. Usually this session lasts about 3-4 hours which allows time for Mum and Dad to join in!

**High-resolution photos are included in every package.
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