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Fiona & Jonathan at Sri panwa, Phuket

This will be a long blog-post expressing thoughts I have had for some time. Jonathan and Fiona’s wedding blog is the perfect opportunity for me to illustrate my thinking.

It was an absolutely glorious mid-summer’s day with a superb couple. I loved this wedding so much for many reasons. It was held at Sripanwa, one of the most stunning venues in Phuket with a matching A-list wedding team. I have never had any problems when I shoot there. Not only do they look after my clients, Sripanwa always look after our small team as if we were one of their guests. Their gracious care seems reflected in the work we deliver, in some way.

This wedding was so good not just because we had great weather and an extravagant set-up and decorations. An exceptional day like this starts with the right attitude and emotional connection between the bride and groom.

Fiona and Jonathan were so relaxed and full of love and chemistry. This allowed me to capture their real emotions and the essence of the day.

In the four years since I started this business I always strive for improvement. Shooting, editing, processing and administration has been my only routine. Even though I have had some short breaks, I am always thinking how could I deliver better work with an even stronger focus on capturing emotions and real feeling.

I am often asked how I can capture the couple whose chemistry and feelings are private and hidden. I think the answer is time. I do spent a lot of time bonding with my clients following the initial email contact and all the subsequent correspondence, and later, a number of hours dedicated to meeting each couple in person. I would like to be able to spend more time but my hectic schedule has prevented this.

Earlier this year I came to the decision that I would like to have a big break to have more time. I will go back to being a student again. For the next high season from October 2016 till April 2017, I will drastically limit the number of jobs I will take. I want to learn to be a better story-teller and will always to strive for even better quality in the images I capture and their subsequent post-processing. And of course I will have more time to spend preparing couples for their big day.

I apologize that I have had to decline several inquiries recently and no doubt will disappoint more couples over the next months.
You will still see a lot of updates and blog-posts of weddings on my website and Facebook page. I will also update you with what I have learned on my journey. I really hope that this sabbatical will improve my work as I value your trust more than anything.

Hope you enjoy Fiona and Jonathan’s wedding as much as I do!

Dear Darin,

My goodness. When we met you for the first time we instantly fell in love with you and your magnetic chemistry! But the pictures…. Darin! You exceeded our expectations by a million fold.

The reality is, when you take on an assignment, you are trusted to capture, keep safe and eternalise a couple’s most valued memories, and without a shadow of a doubt, one of their most precious days as a couple …. That’s a pretty heavy burden (especially for such a pint sized lady!) But what can we say Darin …. Except for the fact that we shall be so eternally grateful to you, and your team. We are so thankful that our memories were captured by you so skilfully.

It’s funny to hear say you want to become a better story teller … As whist Fiona and I were looking through the photos and reliving the day, the comment we kept on coming back to was “it’s so incredible that Darin managed to capture the characteristics and stories of each and every one of our guests – so accurately!”

What you managed to do was proof that you are not a photographer that stands behind a lens but (i) a true artist and (ii) a true professional, whom strives to have a connection with her clients. And we struggle to use the term client, because as we have said before, you felt more part of the ceremony, a friend, than anything else.

Darin – thank you.

Please come to Hong Kong when you have a chance, so Fiona and I can take you and Pete out for dinner. We would love to stay in touch!

With love,
Fiona and Jon

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