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Do you use an assistant or a second photographer?

I use a second photographer only for large weddings.

Time issues can be a problem at weddings, so a second photographer helps a great deal with this. While I’m photographing the bride and bridesmaids getting ready, my second shooter is either photographing the guys getting ready in another room or the important details at the venue. Due to limited time, it can be hard to capture all of this by myself.

At the reception, while I concentrate on the bride and groom cutting the cake, raising a toast or even the start of the dancing, my second photographer can capture the joy and laughter of your guests. Another benefit of having second shooter is that it allows me to be more creative with the shoot in the knowledge that all traditional shots will also be recorded.

Two photographers can generate a more complete record of your special day in exquisite detail. If your wedding will have more than fifty guests a second shooter is almost essential.

How many images are taken at the wedding and supplied to us?

Shooting alone, I sometimes capture 2000 images in a day. Many are duplicates of the same composition to ensure I get the shot without eyes being blinked or heads turned away. These are edited and then processed to capture the emotion of the moment and tell your complete story. On a normal package I will provide roughly fifty processed and retouched images per hour of shooting.

How long does it take to receive the images and how do you deliver them?

Usually it takes about six weeks. In the busy months of the year (November-April) can take a little longer.


What is the difference between an engagement and a pre-wedding session?

They are the same. Thais usually call a Western-style engagement portrait shoot  a pre-wedding shoot. This session allows couples to be familiarize themselves with a photographer before their wedding.  You design the concept, I help you find the location and choose the costumes then we are ready for having a fun shoot!

How many locations I can choose?

You can choose as many as locations as you like within your available shooting hours. More locations mean more time for travelling which reduces time for photography.

Do you also provide makeup artist and hair stylist?

A professional makeup artist and hair stylist will be included in some packages. For more detail, please contact darinimages.

If it rains on the day, do you still shoot or postpone it to another day?

Photographing a couple in the rain can be very artistic. For light showers I might continue the shoot though I will pause during heavy rain. If we have continuous heavy rain I will offer another session free of charge.


What is the best month for having photography done?

There is no specific time to photograph your baby bump. Some prefer the early months, others prefer the shoot to be as late as possible to record the biggest tummy moment!


What is the minimum age for young kids to be photographed underwater?

Young children at any age older than 12 weeks who are comfortable in the water can do this session.

We want to book you!  What do we do now?

Just contact me and tell me about your requirements, I will reply and send you full details of each package as soon as possible. contact here >>